Working for willows Clothing Store, I design all the website banners; I make desktop and phone versions. I also create many different print and digital marketing materials such as post cards, calendars and email marketing. I am responsible for managing their website. I did a new website mapping for their navigation on their site.

Working for Columbia Machine Inc., I designed their annual informational publication. Feed Drawer Volume 65 - 2022 is a magazine made with Indesign.

The NEXT is a combination museum, library and preservation space containing 30 collections and over 3000 works of born digital literature owned or managed by the Electronic Literature Organization, an international arts organization. I helped produce 33 videos and ensuring their inclusion within the virtual space. I collaborated with my team to maintain The NEXT branding across all videos while helping to deliver the vision of the project through consistent duration and aesthetic to promote quality assurance and user experience.

#MTNDEWZeroSugar campaign analysis exploring Mountain Dew's effective use of social media including, YouTube and Twitter to appear to mass audiences of all generations. I conducted user research on target audience, calculated overall engagement of the campaign, and studied the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of using different social media platforms to promote their product.

I designed and built a single online page for a recipe using HTML5. It incluides an image, a layout with a distinct area for content and a color scheme.